Tory Party could be a minority party rather soon!

Especially as people are for the first time in decades people are dying younger.

“Former Conservative deputy prime minister Michael Heseltine has warned the electoral base is dying off at a rate of 2 per cent a year and has called for a new party leader.

Lord Heseltine, who worked with Margaret Thatcher and was deputy to John Major, said the party needs to work hard to “restore its electoral fortunes” and that Theresa May should step down after a “matter of months”. …

“One thing which is just worth having in mind, and you can’t do anything about it, 2 per cent of the older part of the electorate die every year – they are 70 per cent Conservative,” Lord Heseltine told Sky News.

”Another 2 per cent come in at the young end of the electorate – they are about 70 per cent Labour. That’s about 2 per cent change each year. There isn’t that much time. …“

One thought on “Tory Party could be a minority party rather soon!

  1. Hesseltine was probably the last Minister to resign on principle (over Westland Helicopters IIRC), but you would have thought that he might have a little more to say about the state of the Conservative Party and their current approach to democracy than whingeing on about age demographics.

    If the Conservatives carry on the way they are going, and the electorate ever looks back at the destruction to Britain that they have wreaked, they might become unelectable for a generation or two.

    And if someone else ever gains power and evens up the rules on party donations to put the Conservatives (with their ultra rich individual and corporate sponsors) on a par with Labour (who are denied similar funding from the unions), they won’t be able to use this unfair advantage to get themselves back into government.


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