Deprived seaside towns: residents have their say

“Analysis by Social Market Foundation found that UK communities living by the coast have higher rates of unemployment compared to inland area. In 85% of Britain’s 98 coastal local authorities in 2016 people were paid less than the national average, with those living by the seaside earning £3,600 less. We asked readers to tell us about the areas they live in and how things have changed over the years. …

[Great Yarmouth]
… Then there are the road networks, in particular the infamous A47 Acle Straight which needs work to stop the consistent traffic problems. MP Brandon Lewis is rarely here or shows any interest unless there is an election. All new housing is unaffordable to buy and rent is high everywhere; a lot of people live in cramped, unsafe properties. The excuses change, but everything stays the same and has done for many years. …

… A former mayor of Copeland described Millom as “a place of despair”. Redundancies in local industries (for example, Vickers shipyard which was made defunct in 2007) have led to more unemployment. Local shops have closed as larger nationwide stores such as Tesco have opened. Some local transport links have been shut down and already infrequent local buses have reduced their services. The train service is bad, with trains being regularly cancelled at short notice, and the roads are narrow and poorly maintained. This all increases the isolation communities and individuals feel.

Two bank branches have closed, as well as several pubs and the job centre. The local food bank has more demand and fewer donations. A family member and a school friend of mine committed suicide. Another two school friends have died from complications from alcohol dependency. Then there are holiday homes in the Lake District which price locals out of house purchases. People are hopeless and depressed. The situation will deteriorate without some form of intervention.”

One thought on “Deprived seaside towns: residents have their say

  1. Oh for goodness sake stop whining.

    As reported in , the government is investing £40m in coastal communities – and the £3 per head per year this represents will more than make up for the £3,600 less in earnings. Or is my arithmetic faulty?

    P.S. It’s nice to hear that it is not just our very nice MP Hugo Swire who takes no notice in his constituency issues, but also that another ex-minister, very nice MP Brandon Lewis takes no interest in his constituency either. I guess it’s a Tory thing, because someone said to me only yesterday that their MP (Ben Bradshaw, Labour MP for Exeter) was very involved in his constituency.


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