Tiny, tiny taps on the wrist: now Parish gives one to Tesco

BAD Tesco – go and sit in the naughty corner for 30 seconds!

Tesco topped the list of plastic bags sales but no other company in the top 10 made administration deductions, including Asda, Morrison, the Co-op, Marks and Spencer, Aldi, Iceland and Waitrose.

“The legislation for the 5p plastic bag charge is clear that the money raised should go to good causes,” said Mary Creagh MP, chair of the environmental audit committee. “Five years after the horsemeat scandal and three years after a false accounting scandal, Tesco finds itself again in the spotlight for doing the wrong thing. They should drop this ridiculous charge immediately.”

Neil Parish MP, chair of the environment, food and rural affairs select committee, said: “As much money as possible from the plastic bag tax should be going to charitable causes. It would be great to see Tesco follow the lead of other retailers and not deduct admin costs. That would be a very positive step for Britain’s biggest supermarket to take. … ”

One thought on “Tiny, tiny taps on the wrist: now Parish gives one to Tesco

  1. Tesco is doing away with 5p bags and going to have 10p bags instead. No idea whether they are going to be better quality or how much Tesco’s is going to cream off the top.


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