Environment: Claire Wright asks us to write to Swire

Claire Wright Facebook:


If you care about nature and environmental protections please email Hugo Swire about this.

He simply parrots Michael Gove’s misleading nonsense about all nature laws being transferred over, but there very different plans afoot within the Tory Party.

I know someone will say what’s the point, but if we don’t lobby him he will simply claim no one really cares or people don’t believe it is a priority.
He needs to speak and vote the right way on this Bill.

I lodged a motion on this very issue at Devon County Council earlier this year and got it through virtually unopposed, however the response from central government was anything but reassuring.

No promises whatsoever.

In East Devon there are important landscape legal protections and there are also many species currently protected under EU law that are at risk of losing that protection…. at a time when nature is more depleted than ever before.

If you are on Twitter tweet him with this link. The more public the better.
Even better back it up with an email. Simply paste the points in the article into an email as a request, with a short personal intro.

It will take just two minutes 🙂
Let’s hold Hugo Swire to account.