Funding opportunities for coastal communities

Unfortunately, in terms of regeneration £40m doesn’t go very far.

“£40m for new coastal funding round

Ministers have confirmed that £40m will be available through the next round of a fund to support coastal communities. The government has already provided £170m for 278 projects around the country since the Coastal Communities Fund was launched in 2012. Coastal communities minister Jake Berry said: “This year is already looking like another record year for staycations and our latest round of funding will help attract even more visitors to the great British coast so that our coastal communities can thrive.”

One thought on “Funding opportunities for coastal communities

  1. This is recycled news by a government desperate to find something positive.

    See .

    As the Owl says, £40m doesn’t go far. Here is an update version of what I said on the previous post…

    As stated in the previous article, this is £40m over 3 years or £13m a year – but they omitted that part to make it sound better. They have already provided £170m since 2012, so that is £34m a year, so £13m a year is actually a 60% CUT in funding.

    Assuming that there are (say) 40 local authorities which are “coastal communities” and each has the same population as East Devon (c. 100,000) that is about £4m people. So on average the £40m will provide about £3 per year per person which will certainly go a long long way to reducing poverty and bringing their living standards up to the current average, won’t it?

    (Typical Tory flim-flam – make yet another cut sound like a positive, having already made swingeing cuts of several £bn per year every year for seven years, then announce “extra” funding of several £10m and make it sound better than it is by ignoring that it is split over several years and is actually less per year, hoping that the population will forget about the cuts and remember the give-away instead. Sadly, the voting habits of the majority of the population suggest that this is a successful strategy – otherwise why else would so many people vote back in a political party that is screwing them in every possible way?)


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