The Case of the Missing Councillors …

Last nights two energency meetings on no confidence in Diviani were as notable for missing councillors as for those who were there:

Closure of Honiton and Seaton hospital beds:

Councillor Mike Allen (Honiton – who wrote a letter critical of Diviani in local press that day)
Councillor Marcus Hartnell (Seaton, EDDC Cabinet member)

Fun Park closure:
Bill Nash
Philip Skinner (Exmouth Regeneration Panel)

Such a shame such important councillors couldn’t tell us what they thought about the decisions that affected their areas and how they would have voted – lol!

Though, of course, their voters can contact them for their views.

4 thoughts on “The Case of the Missing Councillors …

  1. There are 59 councillors in East Devon. Two absent makes 57.

    So how was the vote of no confidence in Diviani lost by 31 votes to 18 with 1 abstention? That adds up to 60, with only 57 present.

    (Of course, even 28 to 18 with 1 abstention would have had the same result, but this appears to be another dodgy vote in an ever growing lengthy list of non-democratic decisions.)


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