Do not shut hospital beds – closures not evidence-based says influential King’s Fund – too late for East Devon

Independent DCC Councillor Claire Wright – RIGHT
Independent DCC East Devon Alliance Councillor Martin Shaw – RIGHT
All Independent Councillors at EDDC – RIGHT
All Tories at DCC – Wrong
All those Tories (DCC and EDDC) who voted to support Diviani and Randall-Johnson in closing community hospital beds – WRONG

ALL the time the Independents have called for REAL evidence about bed closures.
ALL the time DCC Tories have acceptec waffle and jargon and “death by Powerpoint” instead of REAL evidence
EDDC Tories sort-of got it right and then allowed their Leader to vote WRONG so they still got it WRONG!

Why on earth are people still voting for these useless excuses for Tory representative councillors!

Kill beds, no community alternative = kills US!

“NHS bosses have been urged to halt plans for more ward closures as experts warn that hospitals do not have enough beds to accommodate patients.

Britain has fewer hospital beds per person than almost any other rich country and numbers in the NHS have fallen to 142,000 from the 299,999 that were available 30 years ago, according to an analysis by the King’s Fund health think tank.

Thousands of further cuts are being planned as part of a strategy by Simon Stevens, head of NHS England, to improve out-of-hospital care and make £22 billion in efficiency savings.

The King’s Fund said that this plan was unrealistic at a time when wards are more than 95 per cent full, well above the 85 per cent level generally thought to be safe. Hospital bosses in London are hoping to cut hundreds of beds, but the King’s Fund estimates that the city will need 1,600 more by 2021 to keep up with population growth.

Helen McKenna, a senior policy adviser at the think tank, said: “There are opportunities to make better use of existing beds and initiatives to capitalise on these should continue, but with many hospitals already stretched to breaking point, reductions on the scale proposed in some areas are neither desirable not achievable.”

Chaand Nagpaul, head of the British Medical Association, said: “Serious questions need to be asked about whether these plans are realistic and evidence-based given it defies logic to cut bed numbers when we already don’t have enough.”

Mr Stevens said that he would only allow bed closures where NHS bosses could demonstrate local alternative treatments were being put in place first or where hospitals were remedying inefficiencies. The King’s Fund said that these tests lacked any real detail.

Saffron Cordery, of NHS Providers, said: “One of the key lessons from last winter was the importance of avoiding unsafe levels of bed occupancy.”

Mr Stevens agreed that hospitals would need to free more beds during the winter, promising an extra 3,700 would be opened for the busiest time of year as hospitals were told to prevent “bed-blocking” by elderly patients.”

Source: Times (pay wall)

2 thoughts on “Do not shut hospital beds – closures not evidence-based says influential King’s Fund – too late for East Devon

  1. When the King’s Fund says “not evidence based” what they are actually saying is that this government is forcing through cost cutting measures regardless of the consequences in loss of life.

    Jeremy “Thick” Hunt admitted several months ago that there were already c. 8,000 avoidable deaths in hospitals per year. He has already admitted to putting cost cutting before lives – and these hospital closures are 10-1000 times bigger change than those made to hospital funding.

    If I ran my business in a way that my employees felt that their health was being put at risk, I wouldn’t have any employees left.

    If I ran my business without regard to loss of life, the Health & Safety Executive would come down on me like a ton of bricks (probably reported by one or more of my ex-employees).

    So how come the voters of Britain or of Devon or of East Devon are so relaxed about the NHS changes putting their lives at risk?


  2. It would not at the moment be too late for our hospital beds to be reinstated, they will be needed that is for sure.
    Cannot work out what is happening to the Tories (particularly in Devon) it seems like they have their finger on the ‘self destruct’ button, by the time they get it off that button it will be too late for them- perhaps it is already !


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