EDDC: What they say, and what Owl thinks they mean

Council spin decoded:


“The council’s latest annual Working Together for the Future of East Devon conference, which brings together voluntary and statutory organisations, was attended by more than 100 people. Councillor Jill Elson, EDDC’s portfolio holder for sustainable homes and communities, who organised the event, said she was delighted with the high level of attendance from voluntary organisations, community groups and town and parish councils.

She said: “Volunteers are becoming essential as a means of helping ensure that people have the best quality of life they can, particularly with more people wishing to be cared for at home.

“Whatever support they offer, all volunteers make a difference and ensure that people’s lives are enriched and that they are not forgotten.” “


We are durned well not going to pay for anything you lot will do for free, so get your noses to the grindstone and save us lots of money to squander on our new HQ. Oh, and although we aren’t respinsible for social care we allowed our Leader to torpedo the NHS, so you’d better fill the gaps because we won’t.

2 thoughts on “EDDC: What they say, and what Owl thinks they mean

  1. Old Possum – ask yourself what class of people have the time to volunteer – not those who are working, not mothers looking after kids, not those on the breadline striving to keep head above water, that’s for sure. And these days, not the unemployed, because volunteering and helping others is not considered “looking for work” and that will get your benefits docked.

    No – it will be those “unproductive” retired people that Mr Williams, the smarmy and arrogant and disrespectful Chief Exec of EDDC, was so derogatory about. The ones who worked hard for mmost of their life and are now retired, those “unproductive older people” who pay the council tax that pays his salary.

    Nearly as bad as our MP, Huge Swine, who immediately after the last election was so derogatory about local people who want him to be an MP that represents them (as well as a decent human being) rather than the lazy absent MP (and arms sales facilitator and nasty party toady) that he actually is.


  2. Just wonder how many of these volunteers will be what the Chief Exec at East Devon called ‘unproductive older people’


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