Saving people’s lives is costing the NHS too much money

So, it isn’t young immigrants straining our NHS – it’s overweight/diabetic/smoking/drinking (often older ) people whose lives we save!

Now there’s a conundrum.

“Researchers tracked 10 million hospital admissions for acute events, such as heart attacks or strokes, over a decade.

They found that around 37 per cent of the subsequent rise in emergency admissions was among those whose life had previously been saved, thanks to advances in cardiac care.

The improvements saved an extra 4.04 lives per 100 admissions, but also resulted in an additional 7.72 emergency admissions in the next year, from those who would previously not have been expected to survive.

The results, published in Health Services Research, found “the survival effect” caused around 426,000 extra emergency admissions annually by 2012. …”