Fly-tipping – many councils not using their power to fine

Maybe because the cost of going to court outweighs the income from the fine? But the article says that clearing fly-tipping costs councils £50 million per year.

Councils (including ours) reduced the number of rubbish collection centres as austerity cuts. Time for a rethink?

“Councils have collected more than £750,000 from thousands of fly-tipping fines in the first year of a crackdown on illegal waste dumping, figures show.

Local authorities across England handed out more than 4,600 fixed penalty notices and collected at least £773,000 for the offence in the year after the Government gave them new powers to issue “on the spot” fines in May 2016.

But many have not used the powers, which allow councils to issue penalties of between £150-£400 to those caught in the act of fly-tipping instead of having to take them to court, a Freedom of Information request by the Press Association found.

Of 297 English councils who responded with figures, more than two fifths (43%) said they had not issued any fly-tipping notices between May 9, 2016 when the powers were first launched, and May 8 2017. …”