“Pensioners told homes are not ‘assets to pass on to offspring’ as minister revives dementia tax row”

“Pensioners with care needs must stop regarding their homes as “an asset to give to their offspring”, the social care minister has said, as she revived the row over the Conservatives’ so-called “dementia tax”.

Jackie Doyle-Price said it was “unfair” for younger taxpayers to “prop up people to keep their property” when it could be sold to help pay for their own care needs.

The stark language contrasts with the Tories’ promises last year to make sure that homes people have “worked for and saved for” could be passed on to their children. David Cameron described it at the time as a “natural human instinct”.

The Conservatives shelved a controversial manifesto plan to make middle-class pensioners pay towards care they receive in their own homes after it proved hugely unpopular with voters, but critics said the minister’s comments suggested the policy had been “resurrected”. …”


One thought on ““Pensioners told homes are not ‘assets to pass on to offspring’ as minister revives dementia tax row”

  1. The Conservative “dream” (if indeed that was their real intention) under Margaret Thatcher of people owning their own home appears to be further away now than when she launched it in 1979.

    With the Dementia Tax, today’s homeowners will not have capital to pass onto their children and grand-children, whilst their children and grand-children may never be able to afford to own their own home.

    Back to feudal times under Tory governments then – with their ultra-rich sponsors owning most of the UK and living in luxury with private education and private healthcare and private pensions, whilst the rest of us live a hand-to-mouth existence on the edge of poverty (or indeed falling into poverty) and end up with nothing to pay for social care when we are old or to pass on to our grandchildren.

    This appears to be the Conservative grand-vision – unless of course someone can show me the evidence to the contrary.


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