“Carers to use Skype calls to check on pensioners”

“Pensioners will be visited via Skype instead of in person in a new trial by Essex County Council and Essex Care Limited. They will be given tablets to communicate with carers, who will talk to them over video link rather than visit them in person.”

Telegraph p8, Mirror p13, Mail p4

So this is the future? Care in the community – whose care, whose community?

3 thoughts on ““Carers to use Skype calls to check on pensioners”

  1. this might be all well and good for an occasional check through the day, after carers have been in and checked that a0they have been washed had medication etc, place is habitable,that they have enough food in etc, but is this not a very bad sign of the times,when it is now becoming such a chore even when you are paid to visit people that ways around that are being thought of, elderly people do not like change, a lot will not have seen a computer let alone be able to Skype,why not go the whole hog and just phone them and be done with it, if it too much trouble to care for the elderly and the vulnerable I am afraid you are in the wrong job, we know there are more elderly but the powers that be must start to realise that what the people visiting them need is more time so that quality time can be spent with them, sometimes the elderly being cared for only see the carers, so how is this brilliant idea going to help ,bing skype call five minutes later gone again back to total loneliness and no human contact no bad idea, as Diana N previous reply above says do we just log out of life ? my thoughts are it is going that way not part of a caring society I want to be part of


  2. At a so called consultation meeting re. hospital beds a year or so ago, a member of public asked about end of life care, the CCG representative spoke of some parts of country where dying patient and relatives at home would receive help by Skype; my comment/question was ‘are we not allowed to ‘die’ any more, but simply expected to ‘log off’ from life?” What a very sad state of affairs we have come to , no it certainly is not British compassion – it is not any sort of compassion.


  3. Presumably it’s the ultra-new version of Skype that provides a drone camera so they can check on the state of their home (is it clean/tidy/safe), has teleportation capabilities to send a decent meal over the internet, and remote control of both the home cleaning robot and the patient washing robot to provide the actual care?

    Of all the daft ideas published recently, this has got to be one of the daftest – but presumably Essex is between a rock and a hard place with social care financing, and this is (marginally) better than just abandoning the people needing care, and giving them the choice of coping for themselves or dying.

    Honestly, is this what you want Britain to be like? Because it certainly isn’t my idea of British compassion.


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