Number of homeless elderly doubles in 7 years

“The number of elderly people becoming homeless in England has surged by 100 per cent in seven years, figures show.

People over the age of 60 are now twice as likely to register with local councils as homeless than they were seven years ago, with the figure having risen from 1,210 in 2009 to 2,420 last year.

While overall homelessness has increased in the same period, rising by 42 per cent from 41,790 to 59,260, government data shows the figure for elderly people has surged by more than double as much.

The data shows that among the homeless elderly population in 2016, more than half (61 per cent) were over the age of 65, and 21 per cent were over the age of 75. …”

One thought on “Number of homeless elderly doubles in 7 years

  1. And we should be surprised by this?

    This is an inevitable and easily predictable consequence of Nasty-Party policies that have resulted in mass closures of Old People’s Homes, savage cuts in social care and reduction in other benefits like Housing Benefit.

    If you voted Conservative in any of the last three general elections, then this is your fault. I hope you are pleased with yourself. And if you are hard-hearted enough to think its only other people, just remember that this could easily be you in a few year’s time – they probably didn’t think it would happen to them, so if you think it definitely won’t happen to you in the future then think again.


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