“Lack of choice means families have to settle for poor care homes”

“Families are being forced to leave their loved ones in inadequate care homes, a consumer group has warned.

‘Systemic failures’ mean half of those needing care have to wait for a bed while choice is limited for many, the Which? survey found.

Some 48 per cent of those who arranged care for themselves or a loved one said there had been no places in one or more of the local homes they considered.

The lack of places meant many families – 17 per cent – were forced to move loved ones into care homes they had reservations about. And 16 per cent had to opt for a home away from friends and family. When they did find a bed, as many as 25 per cent said they were left feeling guilty or annoyed that they could not find a more suitable place.

The survey again highlights the extent of the crisis facing the broken care system. Those who go into a care home have to use their assets to pay the full costs of care until they are reduced to their last £23,250. …”