Tory DCC Councillor and Cabinet member for adult social care and health services) attends commercial enterprise event

A company looking for new home care assistants (which Owl will not name) is pulling a publicity stunt to attract both new carers and new clients. DCC and other councils (and Archant Newspapers) are said to be giving their support to such initiatives, saying that:

“The vacancy rate is estimated at 6.9 per cent with some 9,000 adult social care vacancies across the region at any one time.

And across the South West an estimated 30,000 new care jobs will be needed by 2025. …”.

The care company has arranged a Q and A meeting with local health care big wigs – including an influential Tory DCC councillor – and is publicising it via a press release (no doubt related word for word by Archant) in local Archant newspapers (coincidentally Archant being a large provider of advertisements for such jobs).

What puzzles Owl is why the DCC Tory councillor is enthusiastic to be associated with such a commercial publicity stunt when local people find it almost impossible to get him and other Tory councillors to speak about social care anywhere else? Even in DCC meetings!

You know who we mean – Councillor Andrew Leadbetter (DCC), Cabinet member for adult social care and health services.

“[A local home care company] is asking people for their views on ageing, their perception of what care means and the questions that ‘up until now they’ve been reluctant to ask’.

The home care provider has launched its (details) campaign, with pop-up events around Exeter this month, as well as on Facebook and Twitter.

On Wednesday, November 8, the top 10 questions will be put to an expert care panel, including:

Martyn Rogers (Age UK, Exeter),
Cllr Andrew Leadbetter (Devon County Council Cabinet member for adult social care and health services),
Dr Michael Dixon (GP, mid-Devon) and
William Flint [the care provider] …

… Devon County Council (DCC) and 15 other councils from across the region are also hoping to boost recruitment in the care sector with its Proud to Care campaign.”

The event is said to be on 8 November, but no venue is specified – you have to contact the home care company for more details.