So, guess who EDDC’s new external auditors will be

Yep, former auditors Grant Thornton – the ones who found no problems following the expulsion from the local Tory party and subsequent resignation of disgraced ex-councillor Graham Brown after the front page sting in the Daily Telegraph.

And too late to send any representations about it.

“Having carried out their procurement exercise and decided on the scale of work to be allocated to each of the winning bidders, PSAA notified the Chief Finance Officer and Chief Executive that it was consulting on the appointment of Grant Thornton LLP as being successful in winning a contract and their appointed to EDDC for the 5 years from 2018/19, the appointment starting on 1 April 2018. Any representations to the proposal would need to be received by 22nd September 2017, as there was no reason to object to this appointment no representation was made.”