What do you have to do to get sacked if you are a Tory these days?

“As a prime minister drained of authority struggles to hold her party together, ambitious ministers feel increasingly able to cock a snook with impunity.

This week’s rows over Boris Johnson’s dangerous handling of a disagreement with Iran, and Priti Patel’s freelance policymaking in the Middle East may seem a coincidence.

But the conduct of the foreign secretary is bound together with that of the international development secretary.

Both Mr Johnson and Ms Patel are able to play fast and loose because normal collective cabinet disciplines no longer apply. The prime minister is afraid to reprimand or sack. In this government it is everyone for themselves. …”

and yet there are people who will continue to vote for them.

It says as much about their voters as it does about their Ministers and MPs.

And so many of their voters in East Devon – where we had our own mini-scandal when Diviani voted against his own district councillors at county council over closure of community hospitals.

Did Tory district councillors sack him? No, they rallied round him and agreed to keep him not just as a councillor but as their Leader.

Such is political life today. Thank you Tory voters – for worse than nothing.

One thought on “What do you have to do to get sacked if you are a Tory these days?

  1. It is perhaps more interesting to compile a list of examples of what doesn’t get you sacked – well not if you are a politician or senior public servant, though in normal life they would almost certainly get you sacked or even arrested:

    Out and out whopper of lies
    Breaking the ministerial code
    Being as two-faced as it is possible to be
    Embarrassing your secretary by asking her to buy sex toys for you
    Refusing to follow the unanimous vote of the district council you lead when voting on their behalf in the county council
    Voting as a co-opted member when you are not entitled to vote
    Speaking in council on a matter for which you have a pecuniary interest
    Being a complete buffoon who doesn’t bother to get his facts right before adding fuel to the prosecution in a repressive regime of a British subject who has been arrested for nothing on trumped up evidence.
    Promising voters what they want to hear and then doing the opposite.
    Refusing to represent your own constituency properly, or to be held accountable by e,g, attending hustings
    Disrespecting your own constituents and calling them libellous (which without evidence supporting it is ironically itself libelous).
    Being a councillor on a planning committee who was videoed offering to procure planning permission so long as it was “not for peanuts”
    Being contemptuous of a court tribunal
    Hounding business people out of their livelihoods
    Disrespecting local residents in public meetings
    Making public the information provided in a confidential statement to the local police
    Taking a selfie with a hunky fireman whilst a hotel burns behind you
    Promoting vanity projects and spending £ms or £bns on them whilst starving essential services of funding

    One point for each correct name – answers on a postcard to:

    Hypocrisy Competition
    The Conservative and Unionist Party
    4 Matthew Parker Street
    SW1H 9HQ

    Note: Some items have more than one answer. In one case, there are potentially 600+ possible answers.


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