Broadband outage and missed appointments compensation

Bet there will be a lot of claims from East Devon! Shame it starts only in 2019.

“Householders who receive poor service from their telecoms provider are to get automatic compensation, the regulator Ofcom has announced.
From 2019 they will get £8 a day if a fault is not fixed, paid as a refund through their bill.

This is less than the £10 that was proposed when Ofcom began its consultation earlier this year.

Providers will also have to pay £5 a day if their broadband or landline is not working on the day it was promised.

If an engineer misses an appointment, they will have to give £25 in compensation.

Ofcom has estimated as many as 2.6 million people could benefit from the new rules. …”

One thought on “Broadband outage and missed appointments compensation

  1. Is that £8 a day for every day or part day that broadband is not working? Or are they allowed a day or two to fix it?

    What is the definition of “fault”? If my broadband is only giving me 4Mb/s instead of my normal 8Mb/s is that a fault? What if it is 0.25Mb/s instead of normal 8Mb/s, or 7Mb/s instead of normal 8Mb/s?

    I ask because we had occasional 0.1Mb/s service when water got into a joint (so effectively down except for brief occasions when we managed to receive a couple of emails) and it wasn’t fixed for almost a week.

    As usual the devil is in the detail.


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