How the other 1% lives – part 2

No worries about making ends meet or ‘just managing’ here!

Her mother is the daughter of billionaire Bernie, the former chief executive of Formula One.

And Sophia Rutland, three, may be the luckiest girl in the UK – as her luxurious lifestyle is revealed on mother Tamara Ecclestone’s new reality show, Tamara’s World.

In a teaser for the new episode, the 33-year-old details the running of her £70 million mansion – which hosts more than 50 staff, as well as a sprawling playroom for her daughter, complete with a life-size dolls’ house and even her own ice palace.

A number of servants, clad in black, are seen cleaning various spots in the house, including a huge dining room, extensive walk-in wardrobe and a luxurious bathroom, complete with gold bath.

While the extensive household duties are carried out, Tamara is instead seen sweetly colouring with three-year-old Sophia in her pink and cream playroom. …

They tell her: ‘You’ve got pilates this morning, which I’ve confirmed for you. Then we’ve got a stylist coming in at 4, then we’re going to do your nails and pedicure straight after.’

Before they ask: ‘We just need to know when you want your massage tomorrow?’, while Tamara jokes in a VT: ‘My PAs help me get out the door! And to live the life I do.’

Assistants Danni and Megan themselves then detail their hectic working schedules, revealing: ‘It’s more than five full time jobs, and we have in excess of fifty staff.’

Tamara goes on to reveal she and Sophia have a number of personal butlers and housekeepers, who ‘keep the house presentable and make sure all the clothes are ironed and put away’.

She also gushes of her ‘amazing’ private chef Jonah, and her own personal dog walker – and laughs of their pets: ‘I’m not sure why we have 9 or 10 dogs!’

Further clips give insight into the family’s sun-soaked holidays, as well as the mother and daughter duo’s days spent baking and playing together at home.

While endless staff members are seen tending to the house in the footage, Tamara admits the 57-room pad is just as comfortable as a normal home.

‘It still feels homely despite there being so many people,’ she adds.
Tamara and Jay bought their Kensington home for £45million back in 2011, but it is believed to have doubled in value.

The brunette is the daughter of Bernie Ecclestone, the former chief executive of the Formula One Group. His involvement in the sport is thought to have resulted an estimated fortune of £2.5billion.

Tamara herself is thought to have an estimated net worth of £232million herself, and spent £7million on her wedding to Jay in 2013.
The pair said I do in front of 150 guests at the French Riviera’s most luxurious hotel, with Tamara dressed in a couture Vera Wang gown complete with 30 ft train and crystals on the bodice.

She took her first dance as Mrs. Rutland to a cover of Lionel Richie’s Endless Love, performed live by Mariah Carey — hired for £2.5 million.
Sir Elton John also played an hour-long set, dedicating his song Circle Of Life, from the soundtrack to Disney film The Lion King, to the happy couple. It is thought the singer was paid £1 million to attend. …”

“FIFTH vote of no confidence for police and crime commissioner”

“Councillors will be asked to vote on a fourth motion of no confidence in police and crime commissioner Alison Hernandez next week. The controversial politician has lost one council bid to unseat her, survived two others and narrowly avoided a fourth which was withdrawn ahead of a meeting.

None of the political resolutions have any teeth and Ms Hernandez has accused opponents of “naked politicking”.

Earlier moves have followed comments she made on a BBC radio phone-in about armed civilians and terrorists and claims that her plan to develop community policing was failing.

The latest attempt comes at Cornwall Council where Tim Dwelly, leader of the Labour group at County Hall, will table a motion an next week’s full council meeting.” …

“Right to buy is doomed unless we get more power, say councils”

Councils are warning that only one in every three homes being sold under the right-to-buy scheme is being replaced, as strict government rules add to the housing crisis.

Local authorities say that the right-to-buy scheme is under threat if they are not given the financial powers to build more council houses and replace homes that are sold. The LGA is calling on the Government to use the Budget later this month to allow councils to retain 100 per cent of right-to-buy receipts and have more freedom to borrow to invest. They also want flexibility to determine how they implement right-to-buy locally.

Cllr Martin Tett, the LGA’s Housing spokesman, said: “Families around the country desperately need more affordable homes and more routes into home-ownership. A model of Right to Buy that actually allows councils to build more homes would vastly increase the opportunities for these families. Current arrangements are restricting councils from being able to replace homes being sold under the scheme. The scheme will quickly become a thing of the past in England if councils continue to be prevented from building new homes and replacing those sold. If we are to stand a real chance of solving our housing shortage, councils need the funding and powers to replace any homes sold under right to buy quickly and reinvest in building more of the genuine affordable homes our communities desperately need.”
Source: Times p13 (pay wall)