Inquiry: Housing for older people Communities and Local Government Committee

The Communities and Local Government Committee is holding an inquiry on housing for older people. The Committee has set up this web forum to hear directly from older people about their experiences of moving home in later life. This will help us understand the challenges people face and help us to focus our inquiry on the key issues.

If you, or a family member, have recently moved home, are considering doing so, or have decided not to, we want to hear from you.

The web forum will be open until

Monday 27 November 2017.

If you would like to submit a comment but do not want it to be made public in this forum, please start your post with NOT FOR PUBLICATION.

Specifically, we are interested in your answers to any of following questions that apply to you:

Have you moved home recently or are you considering doing so?

If so, why?

Have you considered moving and then decided against it? What were the reasons for this?

Do you know where to obtain information and advice about moving? Have you ever sought this type of advice?

What are your experiences of obtaining finance to move?

Have you experience of adapting your home to make it more accessible?

How did you go about this and did you seek advice in doing so?

How do you feel your home affects your health and wellbeing?”

Have you experienced an improvement in your health and wellbeing as a result of moving?


“Overhaul stamp duty and build more bungalows to tackle housing crisis, says Treasury select committee chairman”

Are these people MAD?

Reduce stamp duty – keep developers in business.
Build expensive bungalows – keep developers in business.

BUILD MORE SOCIAL HOUSING – Benefit the “just about managing”

Any chance of this? Beggar all!

Stamp Duty must be overhauled in next week’s Budget to help young people get on property ladder, the chairman of the influential Commons’ Treasury Select Committee has said.

Nicky Morgan, a former Tory Cabinet minister, also called for new measures to encourage developers to build more bungalows for pensioners to move into and free up larger family homes.

New research from the Taxpayers’ Alliance, seen by The Telegraph, also warns that – without reform – the tax will be paid by nine of 10 home owners by the time of the next general election in May 2022.

Philip Hammond, the Chancellor, is under pressure to cut stamp duty to encourage more pensioners in large homes to move out and free them up for younger families.

The news came amid reports that Mr Hammond was looking at easing stamp duty bills for first time buyers.

Speaking to the Resolution Foundation thinktank, Ms Morgan said that she supported reform of stamp to encourage home owners to downsize to smaller properties.

She said: “We have got to go back to building housing stock that people are going to move into in later life – in the Midlands there is a desperate shortage of bungalows and suitable accommodation for older people.”