Swire’s blog: is this satire?

“ … Despite all this [negative news for Tories – he mentions sexual harassment, Paradise Papers, Brexit shambles] A You Gov poll for the Times found 34% of voters want Theresa May to stay as Prime Minister, up one point from a month a go. It seems middle England, at least at the moment, cannot bear to contemplate the alternative!”


Er, doesn’t that mean that up to 66% of people (he doesn’t specify what the choices were which might include “don’t knows”) DON’T want May as PM?

3 thoughts on “Swire’s blog: is this satire?

  1. This from a brain that is the product of an Eton education, followed by ‘attended St Andrews’ – a brain that believes less is more!


  2. It would be satire if it was intended. But then it would be a criticism of his own government.

    And we all know that Huge Swine is far too desperate to get a ministerial position again (and far, far, far to adept at brown-nosing) to blot his copybook by any criticism of his own government.

    Besides which, Satire would require a sense of humour AND a sense of irony (which in turn requires a moral compass, a sense of right & wrong and a brutally honest understanding of self), and there is no evidence that Hugo has any of these. (To be fair, my judgement about a lack of sense of humour is based on a fit to my own sense of humour – other people of his ilk might feel that he has got a sense of humour. But we would probably all agree that he has not demonstrated any compassion for normal people or any appreciation or understanding of what he should be doing as an MP to represent his constituents.)

    So my bet is that this is a “sincere” attempt at ingratiating himself with his ex-boss at the Home Office, the same person who saw fit to fire him from his previous ministerial office immediately she became PM.

    Note: Ironically, his sincerity is actually itself a form of unconscious and unintended satire.


  3. Take no notice, the man is a bloody fool and a money grabbing,arms selling hypocrite.


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