When were plans mooted to reroute the road in Exmouth – and why?

A comment received:

“… It follows a council document from 2015 about the Queen’s Drive development that says: “The people of Exmouth are …

So – the road and car park move was recommended in the Masterplan?

It was also put forward apparently as a new idea in April 2003 in a letter to Mr Karime Hassan at EDDC. The letter was in support of a planning application for new premises for Spinnakers Sailing Centre. It was signed by Stephanie Bridge now of Edge watersports the business she runs with her husband Eric Bridge that is destined to have prime position on Grenadiers site. – or Bridgetown as I have heard it called recently.

From the letter

“In our opinion we need to be on the beach side of the road, not least as we have many children on weeks courses and the safety aspect on crossing the road is not something we relish.”

NOT the case. It has been acknowledged that it is not safe for children to be trained in the sea at that point.

“One idea we had was to reroute he seafront road around the back of the car park ( ref to a map and pics 9 +10) this could create a large pedestrian area, room for businesses such as ours and encourage natural traffic calming on the seafront in that area. It wouldn’t have a detrimental effect on other businesses…………”

Er……. complete elimination of Fun Park, DJs, Golf and Putting course, Carriage Café, Model railway, ….. not a detrimental effect?? Most of them were prepared to upgrade and modernise their facilities. …”