One thought on “That Persimmon boss £128 million bonus in perspective

  1. Vince Cable: “This is also a perverse situation where a corporate fortune has been built on what is essentially a government subsidy in help to buy. This situation shows just why help to buy is so flawed: it fuels demand rather than supply, putting house prices even further out of reach of young people, while adding zeros to the bank balances of housebuilding executives.”

    Just when, oh when, will the government or indeed any MP start having foresight rather than hindsight. On this blog we have been saying this since the incentives were first announced. But this government ignored the warnings and continued with the same old policies.

    Despite this kick in the teeth to the ordinary people of the UK – who are paying these obscene bonuses through obscene house prices – what’s the betting that the government continues with their policy of subsidies rather than regulation?

    It makes you wonder whether this is actually a deliberate means of rewarding developers whom after all, have contributed £millions to the Conservative Party election coffers.

    Conservative Party – “For the (very) Few, not the Many”


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