“We do not have ordinary people’ in North East Somerset says Conservative MP Jacob Rees Mogg”

So THAT’S why they are building Hinkley C there!

“Conservative MP and unlikely heart-throb, Jacob Rees-Mogg says there are no “ordinary people” in his North East Somerset constituency.

Instead the 48-year-old claims the area is filled only with “exceptional, brilliant and talented individuals of the highest and finest calibre”.

Mr Rees-Mogg’s comment was made in the House of Commons during a discussion about whether to publish an easy-to-understand version of a document about retained EU legislation.

The North East Somerset MP said he agreed with the amendment, but was then challenged by neighbouring Liberal Democrat MP for Bath, Wera Hobhouse, who asked him if he ever “tried to put any legislation in front of an ordinary person” and asked them whether it was easy to understand.

Mr Rees-Mogg appeared to take offense to the use of the term “ordinary people” and delivered as terse riposte to Ms Hobhouse, which he also posted a video of on Instagram.

“In North East Somerset, we do not have ordinary people,” he said.

“We have only exceptional, brilliant and talented individuals of the highest and finest calibre.

I have a serious point to make in that: we, as politicians, should never use the term ‘ordinary people’, implying that we are some priestly caste who understand the mysteries of legislation, whereas ordinary people do not. …”