“Litvinenko widow warns Tories over Russian donations”

Why should ANY UK Party be allowed to take donations from non-UK companies or nationals?

The Conservative Party has also blocked us knowing who funded the DUP anti-Brexit campaign that paid hundreds of thousands of pounds for anti-Brexit newspapers not available in Ireland.

“The Conservative party is facing pressure to return Russian donations after the attempted murder of the former Russian spy Sergei Skripal on British soil.

Marina Litvinenko, the widow of another former Russian spy, Alexander Litvinenko, whose murder is believed to have been carried out under the direction of Russia’s FSB spy agency, said the Tories risked tainting their reputation if they held on to the cash.

“You need to be very accurate where this money came from before you accept this money,” she told Sky News. “If you identify it’s dirty money [you’re] just not allowed to accept it because I think reputation is very important. [The] reputation of the Conservative party in the UK and all around the world needs to be clear.”

The Sunday Times reported that Russian oligarchs and their associates had registered donations of £826,100 to the Tories since Theresa May entered No 10.

A spokesman said: “All donations to the Conservative party are properly and transparently declared to the Electoral Commission, published by them and comply fully with the law.”

Litvinenko accused May of failing to act to prevent a reoccurrence of the type of attack to which her husband fell victim. …”


One thought on ““Litvinenko widow warns Tories over Russian donations”

  1. Hmmm.

    With several examples in recent months of Conservative Party donors successfully demanding that the Tories change their policies or lose their future donations, you have to wonder whether Russian donations influence our Conservative government’s foreign policy.

    As usual the Conservative response misses the point. Yes, it is important that donations are legal, but it is equally important that they are ethical and moral too. But as usual the Conservative Party demonstrates its lack of moral compass by trying to explain it away as being within the law regardless of the moral and ethical implications.

    Take this with the question marks over the Conservative Party funding of the last two general elections, and the funding of the Brexit referendum, and the demonstrable influence of donors over Conservative government policy – and take it in conjunction with their disregard for democratic process e.g. the economies with the truth in their manifesto for the 2015 elections by omitting Academy Schools and then trying to ram it through without debate, and similar lack of manifesto policy on privatisation of the NHS, and the lies told by the Leave campaigns in the referendum, and the refusal to publish economic projections for Brexit which would allow informed debate, etc. etc. etc. – and you have to question just who the Conservatives are running the country for.

    I certainly don’t feel it is being run in my interests or the interests of the vast majority of citizens – instead it feels like it is being run for the benefit of ultra-rich Conservative Party donors and their large corporations, for the benefit of the MPs and their family members employed as assistants and for their friends who get university vice chancellor or CCG executive roles that pay mega salaries (at our expense).


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