Vile? Moi? Never!

Hugo Swire has called this blog “vile”. He’s entitled to his opinion (as is Owl).

However, the blog does have the odd rule (though very few, and very odd) and one is that it reserves the right to edit the many variations on Mr Swire’s name from its commentators – some of which are a rather clever but demeaning play on words.

He will always be the polite “Hugo Swire” to this blog – though NEVER the fawning “Sir Hugo Swire” for a knighthood handed down by his pal Dave just before he (said Dave)jumped off the Tory luxury cruise ship and landed on a bed of goose down feathers sprinkled with unicorn dust.

3 thoughts on “Vile? Moi? Never!

  1. Yes – well I would call him “a beast” only in the sense that he is “beastly” not in any sort of sense that he is a force for good in Parliament.

    But then he knows my views already.


  2. According to his twitter , it would appear he doesn’t object to being called a ‘ big beast ‘ as he retweeted a Richard Benyon tweet which used the phrase when referring to him. Big beast in the parliamentary jungle to be more precise!


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