Devon NHS hospital all on black alert – a comment

Save our Hospital Services Facebook page comment:

“Ann Wardman:

I have a friend who was just discharged from NDDH [North Devon District Hospital] where it was code black all the time she was there. Patients waiting for further treatment , some life saving, in Exeter and Plymouth stuck in limbo as both these hospitals are also in the black. Patients still coming in the front door increasing the pressure.

Then there are also patients who are finished with their treatment but not well enough to go home that would have gone to community hospitals for further rehab prior to discharge Home. They are also stuck in limbo until fit enough to go.

There are also terminally ill patients not able to go home but who in times past would have got NHS care and be able to be nearer to friends and family in a community inpatient bed.

How stupid and short sighted to cut community inpatient beds!

Who makes these stupid decisions?

With these many cuts to our NHS – beds , services and staff – this government has caused this crisis and yes as long as they can make a personal profit they don’t actually care whether the plebs get the treatment they need, have paid for and deserve ! You are showing your true colours Phil [Philip Milton – a local controversial Conservative troll on the site] and most are disgusted at your uncaring stance.”