One thought on “Our MP tells his party (that caused the housing crisis) that they must fix it!

  1. Let us not forget it is not just his party that broke the housing market. He had his own personal part to play in that by:

    Voting for the NPPF – which allowed developers to right rules to allow them to get loads of planning permissions (which = big nominal profits on their investment in land) whilst sitting on the land bank in order to keep houses expensive) and whilst wriggling out of obligations to provide affordable housing or S106/CIL contributions.

    Voting for Right to Buy i.e. the selling off of council houses

    Voting to refuse to let councils borrow to build more social housing

    So it is all very well calling for a fix now, but it would have been much better if they had thought through in the first place.

    I also note that his Select Committee has not commented on the stupidity of allowing developers to write their own regulations or the conflict of interest (or as I call it moral corruption) of doing so when those same developers make huge donations to (or as I call them “sponsorship of” or “investment in”) the Conservative Party.

    So essentially more hand wringing from one of our local MPs, saying what a terrible state things are in when it his own Party and his own votes which created the mess in the first place.


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