CCG somewhat opaque on future of Honiton and Seaton hospital closures

Owl says: This is the sort of Press Release the CCG excels at. Telling us what the situation is at present but giving no guarantees that there will not be future cuts to current services (some of which, such as dermatology in Seaton, have already been closed.

Owl would also like to know how many of the extra 20,000 deaths noted in the first quarter of this year were in East Devon.

From EDA DCC Councillor Martin Shaw:

“NEW Devon CCG have issued the attached statement criticising ‘inaccurate information’ about Honiton and Seaton hospitals, after Dr Simon Kerr, Chair of the CCG’s Eastern Locality, was credibly reported as saying that these two hsopitals are ‘at risk’ in their Local Estates Strategy due this summer.

I welcome the CCG’s statement that it has no plans to close either hospital. However it has not denied that Dr Kerr said that they were at risk.

The CCG could end this controversy today if it gave an unequivocal assurance that both hospitals will continue for the foreseeable future with the present or enhanced levels of service. People in Honiton and Seaton were badly let down by the CCG over hospital beds and they won’t trust them now without a clear statement that our hospitals are safe in the coming Local Estates Strategy.”

The statement from the CCG reads:

“There have been reports today that the future of Honiton and Seaton Hospitals is under question.

NHS Northern, Eastern and Western Devon Clinical Commissioning Group wishes to make clear that there are no plans to close Honiton and Seaton hospitals.

In March 2017, the Governing Body of NHS Northern, Eastern and Western Devon Clinical Commissioning voted to implement a number of changes following a 13 week public consultation. This included the decision to close inpatient beds at both Honiton and Seaton hospitals.

Beds were closed in both hospitals in August 2017 as more care was introduced to look after people at home. Both hospitals are still open, thriving buildings providing more than 50 day services and clinics combined.”

2 thoughts on “CCG somewhat opaque on future of Honiton and Seaton hospital closures

  1. This statement could mean so many things, none of which are truly reassuring. I have learned, from EDDC , that you are a fool to take any such statement at face value even though they may be put out in the expectation that the public will accept the statement as accurate. To paraphrase a certain officer, “read what was written”, to which I would, “and what was not written”.
    The reference to a consultation reminds me of a story in a recent Private Eye (No 1468) where an Edinburgh resident was told that the public of the city had supported the changes (increase in council tax) that he was objecting to. It turned out that 38 out of goodness knows how many in the ward/district had responded supporting the raise in a ‘citizen engagement process”.


  2. Thank heaven real doctors don’t evade and blather like the CCG bureacrats. “No plans …” Yeah, pull the other one. How about “We will not be …”?

    We’ve all seen these puffed-up CCG people dissemble at public meetings – they’re like the Carillion of the NHS

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