Swire thinks planning officers are poorly trained and don’t stand up to developers

Hugo Swire:

“My right hon. Friend the Secretary of State will be aware of my view—as he and I have discussed it—that most objections to large planning developments are based on the fact that the developments themselves add nothing to the local vernacular, do not acknowledge it and are often poorly built. That is partly owing to a lack of local planning officers and the fact that planning officers are poorly trained. Could the Government consider affiliating some of them to the Royal Institute of British Architects or the Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment, and empowering them so that they can stand against the volume house builders?”

Owl says: What about councillors who roll over to have their tummies tickled by developers – or who are developers themselves!!!

Or even those in your own (Tory) back yard in East Devon, who run their own planning consultancies and boast they can get planning for anything but don’t expect to be paid peanuts for it:


2 thoughts on “Swire thinks planning officers are poorly trained and don’t stand up to developers

  1. Some years ago I ( as preferred local spokesperson for some reason!) and a couple of other local objectors attended a meeting with the chosen, unelected , planning committee at the [Knowledge] (subsequently corrected by posr creator): Knowle).
    It was a farce. There were three council officers, two female and one male who couldn’t between them make head nor tail of the submitted plans yet managed to convince themselves that their decision to allow a backstreet conversion from TV repair shop to living accommodation was totally justifiable. If Swire wants to throw stones, he should begin with the Conservative party and closer to home, EDDC !


  2. My previous comment should read Knowle and not knowledge… bloody predictive text !


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