“NHS chief reveals 18,000 people have been stuck in hospitals for more than three WEEKS because there are no care services in their community”

… “Challenged on whether this meant the Government would separately have to fund social care, Mr Stevens said that was the ‘obvious implication’.

Chancellor Philip Hammond has warned the NHS package means there is no money left for other priorities. …”


MPs warned that serving constituents comes before second job … or third, fourth or fifth job in Swire’s case

A report Parliament’s Committee on Standards in Public Life will stress that second jobs should only be taken up if they are within reasonable limits.

Well, Swire doesn’t agree. In a post on his own blog he stated about his mate George Osborne, who was an MP at the tim he wrote it:

“… At Blackrock, his main job will be to advise on economic matters and to represent the company in a social capacity. As for abandoning his constituents, I shouldn’t think the hours he puts in will be any less than those of when he was Chancellor which, I might add, was also a second job and quite a considerable one at that! …”


Just so you know, Swire now has 4 declared extra jobs (he seems to have lost his job with Photo-Me but has taken a new one on – Non-Executive Chairman of the British Honey Company (£50,000 worth of shares for 5 hours a month over 2 years). It produces honey, honey-infused alcohol products.

Who can forget his pot of honey auctioned at a Tory ball for £15,000 – you know, the one with the tasteless joke about people on benefits:


Though he has now FINALLY declared his 50% shareholding in Eaglesham Investments, though it took him months and many reminders from Owl that it had to be done!

“Employment and earnings [as of today]:

1. From 9 November 2016 until 1 June 2018, Adviser to KIS France, a manufacturer of photo booths and mini labs. Address: 7 Rue Jean Pierre Timbaud, 38130 Echirolles, France. I was paid £3,000 every month for this role. Hours: 8 hrs per month. I consulted ACoBA about this appointment. (Registered 16 November 2016; updated 05 June 2018)

2. From 15 November 2016, Deputy Chairman of the Commonwealth Enterprise and Investment Council. Address: Marlborough House, Pall Mall, London SW1Y 5HX. From 1 April 2018 I expect to be paid £2,083 every month until further notice. Hours: 10 hrs per month. I consulted ACoBA about this appointment. (Registered 16 November 2016; updated 22 May 2018)

3. 16 November 2017, received £25,000 for acting as adviser to Apiro Real Estate Fund 1 Limited Partnership, 1 Connaught House, Mount Row, London SW1K 3RA. Hours: 10 hrs. I consulted ACoBA about this appointment. (Registered 22 November 2017)

4. From 18 June 2017 until 14 June 2018, non-executive director of ATG Airports, Newton Road, Lowton St Mary’s, Warrington WA3 2AP. From 5 February 2018, I was paid £2,500 every month for this role. Hours: approx. 4.5 hrs per month. Any additional payments are listed below. I consulted ACoBA about this appointment. (Registered 05 December 2017; updated 06 February 2018 and 05 June 2018)
24 November 2017, received £10,086.72. Hours: 15 hrs. (Registered 05 December 2017)

5. From 19 March 2018 until further notice, Unit 3 Vista Place, Coy Pond Business Park, Ingworth Road, Poole, Dorset, BH12 1JY. I will receive shares with a value of £50,000, in lieu of two years’ payment. Hours: expected to be about 5 hrs a month. I consulted ACoBA about this appointment. (Registered 22 May 2018)

“More than 100 managers join Persimmon’s bonus gravy train with a £300m windfall (and, yes, most of them are men)”

Not saying this is the same, but don’t a lot of companies take out money just before they crash …BHS, Carillion …

And is this a proper time?


“A group of 130 bosses at housebuilder Persimmon are set to share a £300 million bonus bonanza in the biggest windfall in the history of the industry.

The unprecedented payout is part of a notorious bonus scheme that is delivering £75 million to the chief executive Jeff Fairburn.

Tomorrow’s payday will hand 130 senior managers an average of £2.3 million each. The handout is the second and largest part of an incentive scheme, that will take the total for managers below the board level to £500 million.

They previously shared in a £200 million payout over Christmas which was overshadowed by the storm over Fairburn’s £50 million. …”


Make rental agreements for a minimum of three years says government

“A minimum tenancy term of three years would be introduced under government proposals to give people renting homes in England more security.

Figures show 80% of tenants currently have contracts of six or 12 months and ministers say longer agreements would allow them to put down more roots.

They add tenants would be able to leave earlier under the plans while landlords would get more financial security.

Labour says the plans do not go far enough and rent rises should be capped. …”


“Raise income tax to solve social care crisis, say council leaders”

Owl says: after 8 years of austerity surely we are in a healthy economic state – if not, why not? And didn’t we raise the retirement age to fund this?

“More than half of all council leaders in England want income tax to be increased to solve the social care crisis, according to a new survey.

Research by the Local Government Association (LGA) found that 58 per cent of leaders back the measure as a way of relieving the strain on services.

The poll also revealed that most oppose further rises in council tax and want the shortfall in funding to be filled by the UK government.

A separate study found that 87 per cent of the public want the government to allocate more cash to councils to ease pressures in the sector. …”