MPs warned that serving constituents comes before second job … or third, fourth or fifth job in Swire’s case

A report Parliament’s Committee on Standards in Public Life will stress that second jobs should only be taken up if they are within reasonable limits.

Well, Swire doesn’t agree. In a post on his own blog he stated about his mate George Osborne, who was an MP at the tim he wrote it:

“… At Blackrock, his main job will be to advise on economic matters and to represent the company in a social capacity. As for abandoning his constituents, I shouldn’t think the hours he puts in will be any less than those of when he was Chancellor which, I might add, was also a second job and quite a considerable one at that! …”

Just so you know, Swire now has 4 declared extra jobs (he seems to have lost his job with Photo-Me but has taken a new one on – Non-Executive Chairman of the British Honey Company (£50,000 worth of shares for 5 hours a month over 2 years). It produces honey, honey-infused alcohol products.

Who can forget his pot of honey auctioned at a Tory ball for £15,000 – you know, the one with the tasteless joke about people on benefits:

Though he has now FINALLY declared his 50% shareholding in Eaglesham Investments, though it took him months and many reminders from Owl that it had to be done!

“Employment and earnings [as of today]:

1. From 9 November 2016 until 1 June 2018, Adviser to KIS France, a manufacturer of photo booths and mini labs. Address: 7 Rue Jean Pierre Timbaud, 38130 Echirolles, France. I was paid £3,000 every month for this role. Hours: 8 hrs per month. I consulted ACoBA about this appointment. (Registered 16 November 2016; updated 05 June 2018)

2. From 15 November 2016, Deputy Chairman of the Commonwealth Enterprise and Investment Council. Address: Marlborough House, Pall Mall, London SW1Y 5HX. From 1 April 2018 I expect to be paid £2,083 every month until further notice. Hours: 10 hrs per month. I consulted ACoBA about this appointment. (Registered 16 November 2016; updated 22 May 2018)

3. 16 November 2017, received £25,000 for acting as adviser to Apiro Real Estate Fund 1 Limited Partnership, 1 Connaught House, Mount Row, London SW1K 3RA. Hours: 10 hrs. I consulted ACoBA about this appointment. (Registered 22 November 2017)

4. From 18 June 2017 until 14 June 2018, non-executive director of ATG Airports, Newton Road, Lowton St Mary’s, Warrington WA3 2AP. From 5 February 2018, I was paid £2,500 every month for this role. Hours: approx. 4.5 hrs per month. Any additional payments are listed below. I consulted ACoBA about this appointment. (Registered 05 December 2017; updated 06 February 2018 and 05 June 2018)
24 November 2017, received £10,086.72. Hours: 15 hrs. (Registered 05 December 2017)

5. From 19 March 2018 until further notice, Unit 3 Vista Place, Coy Pond Business Park, Ingworth Road, Poole, Dorset, BH12 1JY. I will receive shares with a value of £50,000, in lieu of two years’ payment. Hours: expected to be about 5 hrs a month. I consulted ACoBA about this appointment. (Registered 22 May 2018)