Cranbrook – the “eco town” that never materialised

Anyone remember when, in the not-that-dim-and-distant past, EDDC councillors touted Cranbrook as an “eco town”? Somewhere along the line – in 2015 to be precise – the “eco” was quietly dropped.

Compare and contrast eco-promises and reality here:

One thought on “Cranbrook – the “eco town” that never materialised

  1. I suspect that the “eco” designation was prompted by the community heating deal with EDF – though personally that does not seem to me to be sufficient in itself to justify an “eco” tag. And of course, now it is delivered the EDF scheme is now seen for what it was always going to be – an over-priced monopoly which is ripping off Cranbrook residents.

    Perhaps it was also a reflection that there would be a local shopping centre avoiding excessively long car journeys to go shopping – but of course the shopping centre is now looking increasingly unlikely ever to materialise.

    Or perhaps it was a reflection that car ownership would be discouraged by providing roads too narrow for on-road parking and garages too narrow to park your cars in – but that was never an advertised “benefit” and homeowners in Cranbrook are probably ruing the day that they bought their houses without checking that living in Cranbrook whilst owning a car was actually practical.

    But I suspect that the main reason was somewhat cynically that the “eco” tag would help get the whole concept through the planning process, and that achieving that was financially desirable for both the friends of the EDDC Conservative administration who stood to make £millions from the land they owned, and for EDDC itself which would benefit from the massive New Homes Bonus for an entire new town. Once the planning permission for Cranbrook was achieved, who needed the “eco” tag any more – and retaining it would only open the EDDC leadership up to being held accountable for the “eco”-ness of the delivered result.


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