Crimes committed by police officers and civilian employees in Devon and Cornwall

“Making a child watch a sex act, perverting the course of justice and possessing indecent images of children are among the crimes committed by police officers in Devon and Cornwall in recent years.

A total of 19 members of staff – officers and civilians – employed by Devon and Cornwall Police have been convicted of criminal offences or received cautions in the last five years, a Freedom of Information request has revealed.

During that time period, a total of 45 police officers, nine police community support officers (PCSOs) and 12 members of staff were suspended by the force.

Of those, 38 were either dismissed or resigned.

In total, 10 civilian members of staff were convicted of criminal offences or received cautions between 2013 and 2017.

One staff member, who was suspended in 2013, received a caution for possession of indecent photos of children.

Another, who was suspended in 2014, was given a caution for indecent exposure.

Two other staff members were given cautions for misconduct in a public place and a data protection offence.

In addition, one staff member received a conditional discharge for theft.

Another was fined and banned from getting behind the wheel after being convicted of drink-driving.

Other offences convicted by civilian staff included shoplifting, battery and assault.

66 people suspended over five years

Over the five-year period, a total of 66 police officers and civilian staff members were suspended by Devon and Cornwall Police.

Of those, 19 were dismissed and a further 19 resigned.

No action was taken against 10.

The information supplied by the force lists 12 cases as either pending or not decided at the time of publication.

The remaining cases were resolved with a final written warning, management action or management advice.

The force stated that all those that did not resign or were dismissed returned to work.

Of all those suspended, 37 were the subject of a criminal investigation.

At total of 28 police officers and staff members were charged.

The force is yet to decide if a further six, who were all suspended in 2017, will be investigated for any potential crimes.

Full pay for suspended officers

All officers and staff members suspended from the force receive full pay while the matter is investigated.

The force states: “Officers and staff are always suspended on full pay until the misconduct is concluded; this can be for an extensive period.

“This is set within national regulations and is not at force discretion.”

Of those suspended during the five years, 40 were constables earning between £19,971 and £38,382.

Five were sergeants earning between £39,693 and £43,134.

The highest earning staff member, who was suspended in 2013, was earning between £40,755 and £45,507.

Suspended for 900 days

One individual who was suspended in 2013, remained on suspension for more than 900 days.

At least 16 were suspended for more than a year.

The data shows that 10 staff members remained on suspension at the time the information was supplied.

Of those, one was suspended in 2015, three in 2016 and six in 2017.”