Failing academies cannot return to local authority control

Not only can failing academies not be returned to local authority control, they also retain control of the land that the failing schools occupy …. aaah, Owl begins to see a loophole here …

“… parents are asking why, when a school is failed by multi-academy trusts, can it not go back to local authority supervision? Just as with other botched privatisations, schools should have the opportunity to go back to the public sector. This leads us to the biggest part of the scandal – currently there is no mechanism to allow academies to go back to being community schools under the supervision of local authorities. Academisation is irreversible.

One school in Sussex pushed the education secretary, Damian Hinds, for an answer. The Department for Education didn’t give an inch – apparently the government is not considering returning any academies to local authority control because academisation has been a huge success with more children getting a good education as a consequence. …”

One thought on “Failing academies cannot return to local authority control

  1. “Privatise regardless of the consequences – and make sure it is a one-way street.” That is the mantra of the Conservative Party. they clearly believe that the state should play no part in the education of our children, the provision of health or social care, the delivery of essential utilities – indeed they appear to believe that everything that the population cannot do without should be privatised, with large sums of public money going to executives and shareholders rather than being spent on services, and the assets like land and buildings simply gifted to their company-owning friends.

    Eventually, if you want decent education or health care you will have to pay for it – which means that the rich will get even richer whilst the middle classes get poorer and the poor become destitute and homeless.

    Once literally everything has been sold off or given away to the private sector their job will be done – they will have taken Britain back to a feudal state where 95% of everything is owned by the richest 1% of the population, and by then it will be simply too late for anyone to stop it.

    If you voted Conservative, the destruction of British values and British institutions is YOUR fault. So put your hands up, say “mea culpa” and decide to vote Labour next time regardless that Jeremy Corbyn is their leader – many people used to think that nothing could be worse than Corbyn (mainly because they believed the propaganda put out by the right-wing Conservative supporting press), but now we are all starting to recognise that there can be NOTHING WORSE than what the Conservative Party is doing to Britain and even if you believe the smears against Corbyn not even he can be as bad.


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