Tory EDDC council tries to salvage Tory government benefits policy!

Unbelievable – a Tory council having to offer help people struggling with a Tory government benefit cock-up. Perhaps councillors should ask how many residents have sought such help!

None of this should be necessary.


“Universal Credit claimants struggling to cope with recent changes urged to seek help from council’s benefits team

‘We’re here to help’

East Devon District Council is urging working age residents who are struggling to cope with the recent changes to Universal Credit to seek help and get in contact with its benefits team.

Over the last few months, the team has been advising and supporting over 70 working age residents to make their Universal Credit claim, working alongside Honiton Jobcentre Plus staff with the roll out of the new benefit.

In many cases, team members have gone the extra mile to help those who have come forward. In one example, they helped a young man who had recently moved to Honiton into temporary accommodation. He had a small child and was distressed because he was having difficulties claiming benefits. An officer sat with him and helped him with his claim where, he discovered, he had more benefits available to him than he thought. Officers also contacted his support worker who will now help him with future claims.

In another case, a young claimant attended the Honiton office to make a claim online too late in the day to get payments sorted. Although she left with details of the foodbank nearby and an appointment as early as could be arranged, she was very distressed and in tears. Immediately the following morning the officer who helped the claimant organised help for her.

Cllr Dean Barrow, East Devon District Council’s portfolio holder for finance, said: “Our message is clear – please get in touch with us and we can help you. Many of our customers applying for Universal Credit are finding that our help is invaluable and the council genuinely wants to support our residents affected by this change and help them receive the benefit that they need.

“If anyone is experiencing any problems with claiming Universal Credit or have any concerns about it, please get in touch with the district council’s Benefits Team.”

If you are making a claim for Universal Credit don’t delay in making your claim and getting information to support your claim sent to the Jobcentre. If you need any help to make your claim or you are struggling with this, please get in touch with the district council’s benefits team by email or by phone 01395 571770 or contact Jobcentre Plus on 0800 328 5644.

To find out more about Universal Credit visit our website:

2 thoughts on “Tory EDDC council tries to salvage Tory government benefits policy!

  1. Is it no surprise that many more people now suffer from anxiety, depression and mental illness; people are trying to cope with things that they no longer have control over. The current Government is responsible for so much misery. They are in denial about the problems in our society of today, they lack compassion, they have no sense of responsibility for the welfare and well being of the citizens of this country, they have simply abandoned the most vulnerable people.
    This is the worse Government I can remember, all they are interested in is making the richest richer.
    Yes shame on them.


  2. As the late but great Eric Morecambe once said, this article has all the right words, just not necessarily in the right order.

    “Cllr Dean Barrow, East Devon District Council’s portfolio holder for finance, said: Our message is clear” – yes indeed, very clear.

    The Conservative Party (i.e. Cllr Barrow’s own party) has introduced a benefits system which places “a young man … with a young child” in the position of “having difficulties claiming benefits” because it is difficult or impossible for him to understand that he was ENTITLED to “more benefits available to him than he thought”, and whose normal “support worker” was unable to identify what he was ENTITLED to because either the system is too complicated or they didn’t have enough training or simply couldn’t be bothered or were so overworked they didn’t have the time, though they will apparently (miraculously) be better in the future and “will now help him with future claims” – yeah right!!

    Similarly, the same benefits system resulted in “a young claimant” “very distressed and in tears” because her “claim online” wouldn’t pay her money she clearly desperately needed “in time” and the “foodbank details” (i.e. a voluntary charity) clearly weren’t enough to help her.

    This is a description of a benefits system that is utterly broken and unable to provide claimants with the benefits to which they are ENTITLED without putting them under such strain that they break down in tears – and a local council that then uses this utterly heartless and broken system as a reason to boast about how they (the same political party) is now going the extra mile to help these poor people (in all senses of the word “poor”) to avoid rock bottom.

    Shame on the lot of them.

    If you voted Conservative you had better hope and pray that you will never find yourself in the position of having to rely on the “caring” political party that YOU voted for.


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