Ottery fire: Claire Wright again shows us why she should be our MP

“Traffic and arrangements for catching buses has been chaotic since the fire on Friday in the Pine Shop that has tragically destroyed much of the historic building and rendered it and Roberts DIY next door, unstable.

Both shops remain closed and the access from the Square into Silver Street, which is one of the main routes in and out of Ottery St Mary, remains closed indefinitely.

Today, scaffolders continued to erect struts that take up much of the entire first section of Silver Street and also access to Brook Street – the first section is also closed from the bottom of Silver Street:

(Image provided by Claire Wright on blog)

Residents have taken to Ottery Matters Facebook page to vent their frustration at the arrangements with the traffic and buses, which have not been able to come into the town as they cannot turn around in the Square anymore

The diversion is not really directing traffic in a particular direction and many people (including me) are getting home or through the town via the teeny tiny Batts Lane, which is causing much reversing in and out of Yonder Street and Sandhill Street as a result. All very annoying.

I now have agreement from Stagecoach that drivers will drop people off and pick people up at the Sainsbury’s delivery entrance opposite the Land of Canaan Car Park and that Devon County Council will post a message on the electronic board next to the butchers directing people to the new temporary location.

I have also requested an urgent meeting with senior highways officers and building control officers to decide a way forward for the traffic and for the town. There are many implications for a long term road closure such as this and all need to be considered. At the very least it may affect trade at a time when traders can least afford it.

I send my thoughts to Martin from the Pine Shop and to Ros Brown, who are now unable to trade for the foreseeable future.

There’s much to consider and much to plan for.

I am on the case….”

3 thoughts on “Ottery fire: Claire Wright again shows us why she should be our MP

  1. Once again Claire shows exactly how it should be done:

    • Proactive
    • Caring
    • People oriented
    • Knowledgeable e.g. about the individuals
    • Thoughtful e.g. about the impacts
    • Attention to detail – look at all the different things she has worked on in this short post
    • Dedicated – just how much effort went into responding to a single event like this to do it so comprehensively?

    If she can be this brilliant over something as local as this, if she became our MP can you imagine just how much better she would be than that useless waste of space and non-human Hugo Swire?


    • Could not have put it better Paul. Claire is so dedicated and hardworking, we certainly would see a quantum, positive leap forward if Claire were to be our MP. I also really hope that Geoff Pratt our Independent Councillor candidate, is successful tomorrow in the Ottery Rural local election. We need someone who has the freedom to work for those of us living in Ottery Rural and not someone who is recommended by our current MP, who lets face it, has little commitment to his constituents and would have real problems in even finding us!!! We do not want an MP or a Councillor who is expected to follow the ‘Party’ line, which rarely meets the needs and wishes of those living in the areas they are supposed to be representing. Vote wisely please.


  2. It’s a worrying and frustrating time for so many living in and around Ottery. The one voice of comfort and hope is that of Claire Wright. Just getting on with the job of trying to co-ordinate and communicate and implement measures to help those currently struggling within the town. Can I ask where is the Swire our Conservative MP. I expect he is getting ready to ride in on his big white charger to ‘save’ Ottery, just in time for the big photo shoot, when everything has been put in place by Claire Wright and others who are working so hard to support our special Ottery. Folks really should remember this when it comes to our voting for our new MP.


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