Wainhomes in the (bad) spotlight again

Many will recall Feniton’s problems with Wainhomes, for example:

and those in Axminster:

You might also have seen the feature on regional BBC Breakfast this morning where residents at the Wainhomes estate in Tawton having to move out because floors not finished, outside rendering falling off walls. They interviewed one unhappy house owner who’d been complaining for two-and-a-half years.

Interestingly enough there’s a website devoted to complaints about this company: https://www.thewainhomesnightmare.co.uk/?page_id=121

It seems to highlight a flaw whereby developers can build defective houses, but policing by NHBC not up to scratch.

Buyer beware, as they say!

3 thoughts on “Wainhomes in the (bad) spotlight again

  1. Yet the bosses of these companies get to take home eye-wateringly obscene amounts of cash. There is something fundamentally wrong with society where these sorts of rip-offs are legal – and it is the Tory Government that is to blame.

    But we should not be surprised when many of these same Developers are the Conservative Party donors that keep the Conservative Party solvent. It may not be legally corruption (by a slim margin) but its sure is morally corrupt.

    Conservative Party – for the morally corrupt few not the morally blind many.


  2. There is no system for home buyers to seek any redress.complaints to NHBC are pointless. If you buy a new home and it’s poorly built, you just have to hope the developer will put things right. But there is no compensation for the massive disruption and stress suffered. And no mechanism to get your money back for a home “not got for purpose”. Yet another aspect of life where there is no regulation and no mechanism to uphold standards.


    • If this Government cared a hoot about ordinary people, they would step in and do something about the rip offs.

      But when the Conservative Party is funded by the very people who benefit from these rip offs, just how likely is that to happen?

      In a Capitalist Society, the role of any democratic Government is not only to promote a vibrant economy and benefit capitalist businesses, it is also to protect the members of the electorate (i.e. you and me) from the excesses of unbridled capitalism – because capitalism puts profits above everything else (and specifically profits above morality), and without regulation by government capitalism WILL be excessive (and history is littered with humongous examples of this that anyone can research).


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