“Fire stations may need to be moved due to new housing developments” [including Cranbrook]

Owl says: does this mean ambulance stations, schools and doctors’ surgeries may now be in the wrong places?

“New housing developments across Devon and Somerset may mean a rethink of where fire stations are needed.

There are currently 85 fire stations across the two counties, but the stations are aligned to standards of fire cover from the late 1940s and are not reflective of the current and future demographics of the two counties.

Assistant chief fire officer Peter Bond, director of service improvement, told fire authority members on Monday morning that its risk mapping graphs showed that in the great majority of cases, the authority has a lot of good cover and high risk areas are within the targeted 10 minute response time.

But he added: “It is pleasing to see and that we have our resources in the right place. But there will be some developments in Devon and Somerset, such as Cranbrook, Sherford, Taunton Garden Town, and other towns that as they expand, will sit outside the existing 10 minute response zone.”