Why do we have such incompetent people running the country?

A theory (Guardian comment):

“For the last twenty or so years the Tories have neglected their structure of local branches. As a result they now have a tiny membership. Their declared figure of 124,000 is almost certainly falsely inflated. If you do the arithmetic on their declared income from subs, the only membership figure that makes any sense is somewhere around 41,000.

As a result many local branches are moribund and have been for years. Local branches were not just sources of income. They were also schools for rising talent. So with no schools for rising talent for quite some time, the Tories now do not have any talent at any level of their organisation.”

One thought on “Why do we have such incompetent people running the country?

  1. Oh Owl, do not tempt us.

    The main indicator is the amount of advertising being thrown at questions of the day. A political party is measured now by the amount of money it can throw at advertising – reducing political policy to focused sound bytes that sound good and mean nothing. The wonder is that the party with the biggest investors (cancel that – replace with deepest pockets) did so badly at what should have been a foregone conclusion.

    But for most political parties it is the advertising donations that matter and not the views of the rank and vile (file surely?) who have lost what little influence they had, if any.


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