Hernandez says police have no social responsibilities – NHS and councils should take them off police forces

Owl says: this would mean the NHS and local authorities would need to create a full 24-hour, 7 day a week totally responsive crisis service!

“Police officers are not social workers or mental health workers, yet spend far too much of their time dealing with issues that would be better handled by the NHS or local authorities. I don’t think policing should be the main point of contact for people having mental health crises, and our officers shouldn’t be the lead negotiators for suicidal people. It was refreshing to hear similar sentiments aired by a senior and well-regarded police officer.”

Alison Hernandez
Devon and Cornwall Police Commissioner


2 thoughts on “Hernandez says police have no social responsibilities – NHS and councils should take them off police forces

  1. Apparently it’s Conservative Party pass-the-parcel time. Police don’t have the resources, but Hernandez couldn’t possibly criticise her own party (and in doing so screw her chances of being selected as a Tory candidate for MP at some future point) so the only option she has is to pass-the-parcel and try to get some other desperately underfunded public service to accept responsibility.

    The reality is that the emergency services are the first responders when there is a problem, so Hernandez just needs to accept that and get the job done. If she hasn’t been given sufficient resources to do the job, then she needs to start acting like a responsible adult, stand up for the electorate who elected her and gave her the nice office and large salary, and tell the Government that they need to give her police force more money to be able to keep the public safe. And if she isn’t prepared to do her job properly, she should resign and let someone else who will do it properly take the role.

    (Alison Hernandez and her predecessor Tony “Boss” Hogg may both have been Conservatives, but at least Tony Hogg had the moral standards to act in the interests of the public rather than his party. That is something that you can never accuse Alison Hernandez of doing.)


  2. Alison Hernandez would do well to read the oath that every constable takes upon his appointment, and take another look at what Sara Thornton said.
    It is abundantly clear that Hernandez hasn’t the remotest idea of what happens in the course of a police officers day.


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