Tory grandee says Tories should take blame for increase in poverty and he wants no part in it

“Lord Michael Heseltine has warned MPs against voting to “make this country poorer” in the looming House of Commons vote on Theresa May’s Brexit deal.

In a rousing speech on Wednesday afternoon, the Tory former deputy prime minister told the House of Lords that if it votes for slower economic growth, lower tax revenues and lower public spending “those who will suffer most are those least able to bear the strain”.

“I tell you there are no solutions that help the fortunes of the least privileged in the most stressful circumstances,” said the famously pro-Europe politician.

“When the election comes, it will have been a Tory that led the referendum campaign,” Heseltine continued.

“It will have been a Tory government that perpetuated the frozen living standards.

“It will be a Tory government that is blamed for what we are talking about today.”

“I will have no part of it,” he added. …”

Strange goings on at Greendale Business Park ? Like Brexit – will we ever get the full story!

Councillor Geoff Jung Independent Councillor for Raleigh Ward and member of the Development Management Committee made the following statement at Tuesdays 4th of December meeting prior to 2 planning applications which were about to be discussed.

Having taken legal advice, I feel I need to declare that I have a personal interest in the 2 planning applications regarding Hogsbrook Farm which are in the ownership of FWS Carter and Sons that we are about to debate.
There are two declarations and I must stress are totally unrelated.

Firstly, I need to declare that I am member of the Woodbury Salterton Residents Association because the Association have sent a response to these applications.

Secondly, I need to declare that I have been sent a letter from the applicant FWS Carter and Sons` Solicitor informing me that as:

… “I entered onto their property without the licence or consent of their client and took a number of photographs”.

They kindly sent me copies of the photographs which they claim is the evidence of my trespass.

The letter further informs me that unless I sign a written undertaking, court proceedings may prove necessary and they may seek significant legal costs to me personally.

I have totally denied this allegation and East Devon District Council officers have stated that the photographs were not from myself.

I have no knowledge of who took the photographs or who sent them to the Planning Team at East Devon District Council.”

However, I come to this meeting to discuss the applications with a totally open mind.”

Once the debate started a representative from FWS Carter and Sons who was the registered speaker was asked a question by Councillor Jung about a landfill site, which was the subject of the photographs, but the Chair told the meeting that it was not relevant.

Councillor Jung explained that the landfill site formed part of the planning application, but the Chair insisted, and Councillor Jung then said he had no other questions.

The two planning applications in question were for two Agricultural Buildings at Hogsbrook Farm near to Greendale Business Park at Woodbury Salterton 17/2430/MFUL and 18/0920/FUL which is proposed to be built on a raised landfill site.

These two planning applications had been originally approved at the October meeting at East Devon, but the Applicant had requested that they should be re-considered without a Legal Clause called a non-alienation clause, preventing the sale or letting to another party and requiring the buildings to remain in agricultural use.

This clause had been suggested at the previous meeting because of the applicant’s previous history of building agricultural units and then changing them to industrial, claiming the agricultural units were redundant, and then building more agricultural units.

The two planning applications were approved after a short debate with Councillor Jung abstaining from the vote.

After the meeting Councillor Jung said he was unable to provide further comment.

What is Trespass? A search on the internet:

“Unlawful physical entry to land or buildings can result in an injunction by the civil courts to prevent further trespass or damages. In terms of photographers or those filming video footage, taking photographs or footage from property where the person in question has the right to be is not considered trespassing.”

“Farmland is privately owned, and although you are free to walk through farmers’ fields without being a trespasser, farmers reserve the right to remove anyone from their land who they believe to be disruptive or otherwise a threat to their land or crops.”

Councillor Geoff Jung in his statement states he did not trespass and it seems that East Devon District Council have confirmed that the photographs did not come from him.

What the photographs show and who took the photographs remains a mystery but it’s clear the owners of Greendale are not very happy!

Swire and Parish – more on those votes

A comment on the original post:

“Let’s make sure that everyone is clear what this was all about and why Swire’s & Parish’s votes were fundamentally important.

The issues that these votes related to were as follows:

1. Should the government keep the Attorney General’s legal advice secret so that MPs debate and vote about Brexit could not be an informed vote, but instead would be based on a political interpretation of this legal advice by the Government, in other words an interpretation by government politicians with all the bias towards the outcome they want to see rather than an independent assessment? [Swire and Parish voted to keep the advice secret]

2. Should the Government be allowed to ignore a decision by Parliament that the legal advice should be published in full? In other words, is Government the servant of our MPs or the other way around? Remember, that the only group able to hold the Government to account between general elections is Parliament i.e. MPs – and if Government doesn’t need to be accountable to them, then they are effectively an absolute autocracy, without needing to be accountable to anyone. Scared yet? [Yes, said Swire and Parish – it should ignore the vote]

3. Should the Government – and specifically Mrs May – be allowed to control the Brexit debate in order to give MPs only two choices – a very bad one or an even worse one, and not allow them to debate or vote on the other legally available choices? And to do this to the detriment not only of Parliament but also the people of the UK who have to live with the consequences for at a minimum several decades? [Yes, they voted: only Mrs May and her cabinet of cronies should be allowed to decide what happens next]

In other words, these three votes were not about some minor technicality relating to publication of a specific letter from the Attorney General to the Prime Minister – instead they were about THE FUNDAMENTAL FOUNDATIONS OF DEMOCRACY – that the Government should be able to be held accountable by MPs, and that in the end it is our MPs who take the decisions on behalf of us. [Remember “sovereignty”!]

And that is why both Neil Parish and Hugo Swire’s votes against these motions are so important and so wrong. By now we are all pretty used to Swire and Parish putting Party before People – just look at the awful laws they have voted for which have it the poorest and most vulnerable in our society the hardest. Is it any wonder that the Conservative Party is called “The Nasty Party” by a large proportion of the population?

But these votes were different – they were about putting Party before Democracy itself. Swire and Parish effectively voted for the Government to be unaccountable, and for an absolute autocracy where the Government can do absolutely what they like, regardless of whether MPs agree with it or not. These votes were simply anti-democracy. PERIOD.

Remember, power corrupts – absolute power corrupts absolutely.

So I ask you – yes you, the person reading this comment – do you really want your MP to be voting to give Government ministers absolute power, because that is the first step towards a tyrannical government? Or do you think that above all else, your MP should be voting to preserve democracy? In other words, which is more important to you in the long run – today’s vote or having a genuine democracy? I certainly know my own priority on this.”

“School standards dip across the South West – but nurseries and childminders impress Ofsted”

“An annual report published by schools watchdog Ofsted showed, as of August 31 2018, 87 per cent of primary schools in Devon were judged as good or outstanding – a drop of four per cent compared to August 31 2017.

Seventy-six per cent of secondary schools in Devon were judged good or outstanding, a drop of six per cent.

The report said: “By the end of August 2018, 83 per cent of schools in the South West were judged good or outstanding at their most recent inspection, compared with 86 per cent nationally.

“This was a four percentage points decline for the region compared with August 2017.

“For primary schools, 84 per cent in the region were judged to be good or outstanding, a four percentage points decline compared with August 2017 figures. For secondary schools, 73 per cent were judged to be good or outstanding – below the national figure and a six percentage points decline compared with August 2017.” …

“130,000 homeless children to be in temporary lodgings over Christmas”

More than 130,000 homeless children will be living in temporary accommodation over the festive period in Britain, the equivalent of five youngsters in every school, according to estimates by the homelessness charity Shelter.

Nearly 10,000 of those will wake up on Christmas Day in bed and breakfasts, hotels or hostels where in many cases their family will have been put up in a single room, sharing bathrooms and kitchens with other residents.

Overall, 50,000 more children in England, Wales and Scotland are homeless compared with five years ago, a rise of 59%, Shelter says. There have been particularly sharp increases in some affluent, high housing cost Tory heartlands in south-east England. …

Both East Devon MPs voted three times against transparency and parliamentary sovereignty yesterday

Swire and Parish:

Voted that May was NOT in contempt of Parliament to refuse to publish full Brexit legal advice.

Voted AGAINST allowing full publication instead referring the matter to a committee.

And voted AGAINST allowing Parliament a say if May’s deal falls through.

Moral of this story: use your vote wisely next time these men stand for Parliament.

Privatisation: making money out of our children

Schools: 7,000 privatised:

Private firms are making big money out of children’s social services:

“HMRC & DWP figures show they cause more money to be lost than benefit fraud does”

“Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs – HMRC and the Department for work and Pensions – DWP released their estimates of benefit fraud and payments made in error for the 2016/17 financial year.

The figures on benefit fraud AND their errors are somewhat smaller than we are usually led to believe.

HMRC said the total “level of error and fraud favouring the claimant” was £1.32bn which although this sounds high it is in-fact just 4.9% of the total tax credits bill.

More is lost because of their incompetence than fraud

Look at the figures in detail and they debunk the benefit scrounger claim even more.

Errors favouring the claimant was £1.05bn; 3.9% of the total tax credits bill.
Fraud favouring the claimant was £280m; 1% of the total tax credits bill. …”