That Knowle table … sold for £50?

Oh, er – been kicking off on Facebook page!

22 foot mahogany table with 8 foot extension (not sure if included in 22 foot or makes it 30 foot, but probably the latter). Rumour is it was “valued” and was sold for a winning bid of £50 (fifty pounds).

Most councils have a policy on this. Anyone seen East Devon”s?

One thought on “That Knowle table … sold for £50?

  1. Sureley any assets should go to public auction with the remit being to raise as much as possible for the items, or even better, the items should be moved to the new premises and re used. If you needed a table and chairs at Knowle, you will need a table and chairs at the new HQ. Or will the Council just piss some more public money up the wall buying new?


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