BREAKING NEWS: Seaton Mayor Peter Burrows resigns after “bringing the office into disrepute”

The audio file below is taken from tonight’s Seaton Town Council meeting where Mayor Peter Burrows resigns after saying he brought the office into disrepute with an “offensive” remark (since deleted) where he criticised a local (un-named) business using his official title.

Seaton Town Council had advertised this as a public meeting and as such “it could be filmed or recorded by broadcasters, the media or members of the public” and the statement is therefore legitimately in the public domain:

3 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS: Seaton Mayor Peter Burrows resigns after “bringing the office into disrepute”

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  3. A disingenious account from a man who has brought Seaton Town Council into disrepute – and not for the first time. Peter Burrows has done this time and time again. He didn’t ‘just make a foolish mistake’ – he used his position as Seatons’ mayor to use the TIC site as his personal mouthpiece. People were already noting his use of the TIC twitter account to re-tweet his own adjenda.
    And it’s not enough that he should resign as mayor – he needs to resign from both the town and the district council as well. He was never much use in either capacity anyway – never did his homework, always made excuses for non-attendance at crucial meetings. As district councillor he’s wasted precious council influence. Seaton needs a pro-active district councillor. Peter was only ever re-active – and that’s when he bothered to turn up.

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