Devon Chief Constable: “thin blue line broken”

“The chief constable of Devon and Cornwall says the thin blue line of British policing is broken and lives in the two counties are more at risk than ever because of financial cuts.

Shaun Sawyer is supporting a proposal to increase the police council tax precept to fund 85 more police officers, but also said he would still be left with nearly 600 fewer than he had nine years ago. The force currently has just under 3,000 officers.

Mr Sawyer said the most vulnerable were at risk from the government’s decision to slash police budgets in 2010 and officers saw the “effects of those cuts every day”…

One thought on “Devon Chief Constable: “thin blue line broken”

  1. #BrokenBritain

    Is there ANY public service or policy that is not now broken?

    NHS? Social Care? Local Government? Policing? Prison Service? Probation service? Railways? Education? Energy? Housing? (Brexit?) Parliament? Democracy?


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