The great HS2 rail heist – Dispatches, Channel 4 8pm tonight

Imagine the public services the cost of this railway line could provide! Originally costed at £32.7 billion, latest estimates put it at £56 billion and rising fast.

“The government will soon start to spend billions of pounds on the HS2 high-speed train line, creating faster connections around England. However, some are questioning if this is the right part of the rail network to receive so much investment.”

Channel 4 synopsis of programme

2 thoughts on “The great HS2 rail heist – Dispatches, Channel 4 8pm tonight

  1. This is only an example of a wider malaise.

    HS2 will essentially benefit the large cities. Once again rural economises are disadvantaged in favour of large cities. They get an unneeded additional rail line at huge expense (and getting huger by the day) whilst rural bus services get cut and rural citizens are cut off from health care and banking services and shops and other services.


  2. If only a little of the HS2 £56 billion would trickle down to Dawlish.
    Trains would not need to be curtailed at Exeter at stormy high tides.
    How can the peninsular economy grow with this sort of handicap?


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