Spare a thought for Cranbrook residents – tied to E.on for EIGHTY years

Cranbrook has a “district heating” system whereby residents are supplied from only one source owned by E.on and everyone in that system is licked in to as their supplier”

“… E.on has an 80-year contract to supply Cranbrook, a new town in East Devon.

Once they’ve bought into a development, residents are locked into a monopoly. They are not allowed to fit solar panels or heat source pumps and, whether or not they use their heating, remain liable for often large standing charges which include maintenance and repair of the infrastructure. …”

Now Cranbrook residents are forced to take their energy from one of the least popular suppliers:

“Eon, one of the Big Six energy suppliers, is losing customers at an ‘alarming rate’, a new report claims.

Of customers that switched provider last month, 21.65 per cent did so from Eon. On the flipside, just 7.07 per cent switched to it.

This is a net swing of 14.58 per cent, a snapshot of customer switching habits from Compare the Market shows. ..