If only Owl could tell you … voters please ask awkward questions!

Owl has such wonderful correspondents but sometimes their information, whilst being terribly important to voters, just can’t be used – though some if it could and will be used at a later date should the pecuniary interests of some current and prospective councillors not be fully dealt with in future deliberations.

[Sorry, the information reaching Owl is only about Tories – other information may be available, Owl is happy to receive it].

People with contractual relationships with each other involving council projects, a very long-serving councillor who spends a very great deal of time in Somerset and very little in his ward … these things totally legal (for now) but perhaps somewhat ethically debatable and politically awkward …

Really, voters should be asking ALL councillors:

Do you live here the vast majority of your time? If not where (roughly) do you live.

Do you have any business relationships with other councillors?

What have you achieved (or will you pledge to achieve) for your ward if elected?

Do you have any political relationships or enthusiasm for groups which would be considered outside the mainstream for your party or group and which might affect voter perception of your party affiliation – if so, what are they?

Do you own any land or property that is, or may be, of planning or development interest to the council? If so, what and where?

But, unfortunately, almost no-one will ask these questions.

One thought on “If only Owl could tell you … voters please ask awkward questions!

  1. Excellent post – and better to ask now and know who you are actually voting for rather than to fail to ask and to find out and regret your vote later.


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