EDA Independent Paul Hayward (Yarty candidate) speaks on what real independents stand for

“On Thursday May 2nd next week, everyone over the age of 18 who is registered to vote gets to make a choice. You get to choose who represents you for the next four years at the District Council (EDDC).

For the past 4 years, as for decades before, the District Council in East Devon has been run under a Conservative majority.

So, if you think that the following are a great idea, then feel free to vote a Conservative candidate back in to act in what they claim to be your best interests, and they can carry on their good work:

Hospital beds withdrawn.
Youth services withdrawn.
Increased crime and anti-social behaviour
Fewer affordable houses built
Plans to concrete over great swathes of green fields
Destruction of the natural environment
Council debt increasing
Loans agreed to bankroll commercial developers
Secrecy and obfuscation as a matter of policy.
Regeneration of the town centres not even started.

However, if you believe that there is another way; politics for the people, rather than politics for a party, then you have another choice. Across East Devon, and across the UK, independent candidates are standing for election.

In Seaton, Jack Rowland and Daniel Ledger.
In Colyton and Colyford, Paul Arnott
In Axminster, Sarah Jackson and
In Yarty (covering the parishes of All Saints, Chardstock, Hawkchurch and Membury) I am delighted to be standing as the Independent candidate.

Our aim is simple and singular. To provide better services for the residents of the district. To talk with you, to listen to you, to act for you. And no-one else.

We are not beholden to landowners, and housing developers, and corporations. We represent you, the public, and you alone.

I would urge everyone to think about one question. Is your town or village or parish a better place than it was 4 years ago. Are the employment prospects better? Are there more opportunities for all? Is housing being delivered for everyone, or just for the select few? Are your streets safer? Is access to healthcare and social care better than before…? Is there less pollution and litter and graffiti?

If the answer is no (and the evidence sadly proves that to be the case) then the time has come to vote for change. To vote for a different style of politics at the District Council. Where things get done for the greater good, not just because it suits a certain group of people. Where Councillors vote on issues because they believe in them, rather than being told how to vote according to a national party policy, regardless of the dire consequences to the local area.

But, this change can only happen if you, the voter, allow it to happen. If you stay in next Thursday, thinking your vote will count for nothing, that nothing will change, that all politicians are the same – you will be proved 100% right. The next morning you will wake up and nothing will have changed
and the decline will continue.

But, if you take 10 minutes to vote for candidates who will deliver that change, you will see a different Council emerge on May 3rd. A new, vibrant, energetic and dedicated Council.

One that exists simply to serve you. One that makes decisions to improve your lives, to deliver better services, to make you healthier, stronger and to ensure that your children, and grandchildren, have access to all the things you want them to have.

Doing nothing on May 2nd will result in nothing but the same faces making the same old decisions.

On May 2nd next week, please vote for change.

Please vote independent.
Please vote.

It could be your cross in the box that makes the difference.

Thank you. Paul”