3 days to local elections – today’s pictures

Today our theme is developers, affordable housing and housing in general.

Did you know that EDDC has overperformed on the housing delivery test set by the government by 50%?

The government set East Devon a target of 1,762 homes to be built in 2018 whereas the number actually built was 2,632 – more than 900 extra, very, very few of which were “affordable” (see pictures below about that!).

Source: https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/779711/HDT_2018_measurement.xlsx

Persimmon is making £73,000 per HOUSE profit, Taylor Woodrow £68,000 per HOUSE. Help to Buy is adding £33,000 to the price of new houses for first time buyers.

EDDC has been developer-led for YEARS because Conservative housing policies were designed by them and most major housebuilders are donors to the Conservative Party.

How to stop this? Vote Independent. Break the chain.

all this talk of a lack of affordable housing is exaggerated, i know, i’ve got six!

Affordable Housing Estate Agents – ‘It’s affordable if you’re rich…’

Designated area of outstanding natural profitability.

“Well one step down from our ‘Luxury Executive Mansion’ is our ‘crap terrace with outside loo’.”

New Planning Body in beauty spot – ‘Nice spot for our HQ…’